About Us

We are the 4 ad interim members of the Advisory Group appointed to represent the civil society community in the work of the CFS and leading to it’s 36th session in October, where a permanent Civil Society Mechanism will be established.

Beat Gasco Verd -International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty

Chris Leher – OXFAM

Jim Fernandez – MIJARC, the International Movement for Catholic Agricutural and Rural Youth.

Madou Cissho – ROPPA, Reseau des Organisations Paysannes &  de Producteurs de l’Afrique de l’Ouest

The CFS’s newly appointed Chair, Noel de Luna penned an open letter to the civil society community after the victorious adoption of the reformed CFS.  In the letter, he appealed to civil society representatives who actively participated in the Contact Group during the reform process to select 4 ad interim members to sit on the Advisory Group and represent civil society until the 36th session of the CFS in October. During which, a more permanent Civil Society Mechanism is to be created and members, subsequently appointed.

Recommendations for how members should be appointed on an ad interim basis, were outlined in a jointly written letter by Oxfam and IPC.

Please go to the “Document Library” to read the recommendations in further detail.